Offerings and Packages

Restore. Re-balance. Reconnect.


Bow the ego mind and let your heart lead you… Introduce yourself with kindness. Honor the vulnerability that shows up and invite compassionate acceptance as you step into your greatness. Simply. Authentically. You.

Private Yoga Session

One-on-one private yoga session uniquely created to support you in manifesting your intention. The session is infused with purposeful essential oils and deliciously relaxing music. $60/60 mins. ~ $90/90 mins.

Private Yoga Nidra Session

Known as '“Yogic Sleep” this relaxing practice is a meditative journey that invites you to a state between being awake and asleep. It soothes the fight-flight response by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. Yoga Nidra has its efficacy in research as being supportive to those managing trauma, illness, pain and/or anxiety. Yoga Nidra at The Rooted Self is specifically created for your individual needs. The session is infused with purposeful essential oils and deliciously supportive props. $75- 60 mins.

Mind Body Integration & Body Compassion

Mind Body Integration is a specialized technique that beautifully and compassionately re-connects your mind, body and spirit. Through a unique combination of restorative yin yoga , neurosensory conditioning, guided meditation, mindfulness and neurolinguistic affirmations you will inspire an integrated journey for the whole self.

This practice is beautiful for individuals who are currently experiencing a challenging relationship with their physical self and would like to shift to a more loving, compassionate and connected experience with their body.

Initial Consult - $85 Integration Sessions - $115 - 90 mins.

Intentional Healing & Manifestation Guidance

Intentional Healing & Manifestation Guidance is a unique and highly personalized offering at The Rooted Self. It taps into the inherent wisdom of your body and your desired life intentions while honoring life related challenges as teachers. This offering serves as an intentional road map to encourage re-alignment during a time when change can feel disorienting. This practice is especially supportive for individuals who may be adapting to a new "body” after illness, surgery or medical incident, or to anyone adjusting to a new life experience after a significant change. We may not always get to choose our life events, but we can always choose how we respond.

Our journey will compose of bi-weekly “intention” sessions that include a restorative yoga practice to support manifesting change as we metaphorically learn to “let go” and adapt. We infuse each practice with a therapeutic blend of essential oils, guided imagery and breathwork to support the limbic system in minimizing the effects of stress and anxiety on the body during life challenges.

Each offering includes a 30 minute touchstone phone or video call between our sessions to keep you connected to your intention.

Initial Consult - $100 Intention Sessions - $125 - 90 mins. (Sliding scale fee available.)

Coming Soon…Stress Reduction & Burnout Prevention

All of the packages at The Rooted Self artistically integrate the science of sensory conditioning by way of the sound, kinesthetic movement, smell, taste and touch.

Each package offering includes the following:

  • Sensory pack

  • One 30-minute intention touchstone phone/video call between in-person meetings

  • Unlimited email support

  • 25% off of all workshops with ongoing package


The Inspire package is a supportive blend of Intentional Healing & Manifestation Guidance, a 60- minute sensory infused restorative yin yoga practice and energy clearing. Each session is uniquely tailored to inspire you towards intentional living alongside life’s challenges.

We will begin our time with a sage cleansing to invite wisdom and remove old energy that prevents you from manifesting a balanced state of being. Afterwards, we will engage in a conscious conversation about your healing intentions over a comforting mug of purposefully chosen hot tea. Following tea, we will gently move through a supportive restorative yin yoga practice infused with therapeutic essential oils, deliciously relaxing music and a visually soothing collection of healing crystals and imagery that will all bring forth awareness of courage, confidence, strength and capability.

You will leave our time feeling inspired and supported with an intentional plan that guides you in continuing manifestation until our next gathering.

This package includes a purposefully chosen collection of teas that align with your intentions, an essential oil and recommended poses to encourage continued intentional connection between the mind, body and spirit.

Initial $125 / Intention & Manifestation Practice $175 (1.5 hours)


This package is a harmonious blend of Intentional Healing & Manifestation Guidance, Chakra Balancing and a 60-minute sensory infused restorative yin yoga practice. Each session is uniquely tailored to support you in harmonizing your intentions for manifesting a balanced state of being during or after significant life change.

We will begin our time with a palo santo cleansing to invite release of harmony blocks between mind-body-spirit. We will deepen our awareness of ‘blocks’ through a conscious conversation and chakra reading. With this awareness, and alongside a purposeful collection of chakra stones, we will gently move through a restorative yin yoga practice interwoven with intentional affirmation and mantras. The yin practice intentionally aligns and harmonizes the chakras and disperses balanced energy through energy channels called nadis, similar to those of qi meridians in acupuncture.

This practice comes with a weekly sensory offering of teas, journaling prompt, affirmation statements, chakra focused essential oil, restorative pose and a healing stone to carry with you on your week’s journey to support an ongoing connection with your intention. You will leave our time feeling balanced and harmonized with an intentional plan that encourages continued manifestation until our next gathering.

Initial $125 / Intention & Manifestation Practice $195 (1.5 hours)