Fall Equinox

Fall Equinox

Welcome to Fall!


The Rooted Self’s Fall Equinox Candlelight Restorative Yoga & Sage Ceremony was a hit! We began our evening with a lovely hint of Palo Santo in the air, indian flute melodies accompanying the sounds of nature and a gentle breeze to wash over the skin. The group set an intention to release that which hinders future growth. They released their blocks to the earth and stepped into a mystical sage smudging to clear any energy that does not serve their intention.


The restorative yin practice followed as sounds of nature danced with our breath. We physically, energetically and mentally released stress and tension as we surrendered to letting go. Mother Nature lovingly reminded us of impermanence as she breathed waves of breeze throughout our practice. The crickets and cicadas kindly reminded us of the harmony to be found in the nature community. That we can all co-exist, our voices mattering just as much as the one next to us and that together we can experience peace.


What Folks Had to Say About the Fall Equinox Celebration…

“The event was great. Thanks so much to invite peace in our mind and body.”
— F.A.
“I very much enjoyed the session. The breeze was lovely. I’m excited for fall even more now :).”
— R.K.
“Your program was extremely relaxing, calming and beautiful for one’s soul. Your voice was soothing and happy! Thank you.”
— K.L.
“This was a beautiful practice to welcome Fall. There were so many thoughtful details and everything was calm and just perfect.”
— A.H.
“Volume of voice could have been just a tad louder, but it was AMAZING otherwise.”
— D.K.